Welcome to Highway 19 Produce and Berries. We are a family owned farm established in 2010. Mark, Pam, Bobby and Lindsey Bever are the founders of Hwy 19. Our farm is the brain child of Bobby. While Bobby was in school studying horticulture, he came home and said "I want to grow food," so the plans change and we established Highway 19.

While Bobby worked on his degree we became weekend farmers. Trying different varieties of produce; after graduation with his degree in hand we went into full production The entire family relocated from Richardson, TX to Athens, TX. Halie Ellis became Halie Bever when she and Bobby were married January 29, 2017; she has become a special part of our family. The couple now has three little  "farm hands, " Emersyn, Whittyn and Zane. The farm is ever growing and changing all the time.

The farm consists of 2 growing grounds, one on South 19 and one on Country Road 1119 in Athens. So the name Hwy 19 Produce and Berries just seemed to fit. Our focus is to grow Non-GMO and chemical free  produce and berries. Using only organic fertilizers which include fish emulations, pasteurized chicken manure and compost teas. Better known as poo tea....Our produce may not always be the prettiest, but an educated shopper knows the difference between organically grown, vine ripe produce and a commercially grown product. 


Our largest single crop in the spring is strawberries. This is what we focus on. You will not find a prettier, sweeter local grown berry around. Hwy 19 is one of  a few farms going strawberries in the state of Texas. The last report through Texas A&M is that there is only about 150 acres of strawberries grown in Texas. We are proud to be one of the few farms.  

We are blessed to have the help of some hard working gifted extended family and local seasonal help; these folks help out during crunch times.   Our gate is always open so if your ever near Athens  please stop buy.